Environmental Rate Consultants, Inc. (ERC, Inc.) is a very specialized financial consulting firm comprised of financial consultants, computer programmers and Business Plan development and Process experts. ERC is a private financial/computer firm with over 50 years of combined experience in consistently delivering cost effective and on-time products. ERC's corporate office is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio / Northern Kentucky metropolitan area and has a satellite office in Mason, Ohio.

Very Specialized Services Include

  • Legally Defensible Storm Water Utility Program for a City Program*;
  • Legally Defensible Storm Water Utility Program for a County Program;
  • Legally Defensible Storm Water Utility Program for a Multi-Jurisdictional Program;
  • Revising and Updating Existing Storm Water Utility Programs;
  • Promoting the Successes of Storm Water Utility Programs;
  • Storm Water Brochure, Billing Stuffer, Fact Sheet, Website Materials Development;
  • Enhancing Website Tracking;
  • Enhancing Website Customer Service / Complaint / Inquiry Tracking from the Public;
  • Website Design Cost of Service and Capital Project Mapping Techniques;
  • Error Free Storm Water Billing Database to Tax Assessors/Auditors:
  • Business Plan Development;
  • Water Rate Studies;
  • Sewer Rate Studies;
  • Utility Billing System Installation;
  • Cost Allocation Analysis - General Fund, State Revolving Programs, etc.

* Our Storm Water Utility Implementation Process and Approach has been deemed legally defensible by an Ohio Judge in a Court of Law. Contact us for more details.

Current Client List

  • City of Frankfort, Kentucky
  • Franklin County, Kentucky
  • City of Georgetown, Kentucky
  • City of Lancaster, Ohio
  • City of Forest Park, Ohio
  • City of Delta, Colorado
  • City of Elyria, Ohio
  • City of Oberlin, Ohio
  • Lorain County, Ohio
  • Holmes County, Ohio
  • City of Cold Spring, Kentucky